Fresh, Modern, Stylish Crochet
Pink Maple Design was born from the proposition that crochet doesn't have to be all lace doilies and pastel acrylic afghans. Instead it can be fresh and stylish--a modern take on a classic tradition. Combining many years' experience crocheting and a love for color and fashion, our goal is to offer exquisitely hand-crafted products made from high-quality materials at reasonable prices. 

Our winter accessories collection incorporates natural, ecofriendly, and luxury yarns in alpaca, bamboo, cashmere, cotton, corn, silk, soy, and wool into our crocheted hats, cowls, scarves, and headwraps. We love working with vibrant colors and color combinations inspired by the latest fashion trends. No two items in our winter collection are exactly alike.

Available exclusively in our online shop at Etsy, our home collection features banners inspired by British celebratory buntings. Watching "Downton Abbey," we were inspired by the celebratory buntings that draped the village of Downton on Mary and Matthew's wedding day. We're creating our own British-inspired buntings to be used as decorations in your home and at parties like baby and wedding showers. Of course, we've put our own spin on them!
Who We Are
Pink Maple Design is the work of a mother-daughter duo living in Massachusetts.  Marianne is a former teacher with a background in art and many years' experience crocheting. Her first project was stuffed "Sesame Street" character-dolls for Alexis as a toddler.  Alexis is an attorney who studied architecture, art, and design as an undergraduate at Wellesley College.

Our Name
The name Pink Maple Design was inspired by the 1950 children's novel, The Pink Maple House, by Christine Noble Govan.  It was one of Alexis' favorite books when she was young. The main character, a girl named Polly, moves with her family to a beautiful old home nestled in a grove of pink maple trees. In her new pink maple house, Polly and her family and friends have many fun and exciting adventures. The story's bright and optimistic outlook serves as inspiration for Pink Maple Design.